Bureau of KH’s Life

I decided that I had to have some order in my day-to-day activities. This was the start of the BKHL, or the Bureau of Kevin H’s Life. First, I created a system of form nomenclature that would cover most aspects of communication. Here, it is simplified:
Form Letter (Field)
A: Accounting
B: Business
C: Credit/Loaning
D: Debit/Borrowing
E: Educational
F: Finance
G: Personal
H: Other

Form Number (Domain)
100-199: Self to Inside
200-299: Self to Outside
300-399: Inside to Self
400-499: Inside to Outside
500-599: Outside to Self
600-699: Outside to Inside
700-799: Personal
900-999: Other

Form Priority
x00-x09: urgent
x10-x29: high priority
x30-x49: normal
x50-x69: low priority
x70-x80: trivial
x90-x99: other

Form Confidentiality
xx0: confidential
xx1-xx2: urgent
xx3-xx5: important
xx6-xx7: low confidentiality
xx8: open
xx9: other/special

Now all that remains is making forms for everything! For absolute order!

Not yet, that will have to wait. For now, the main issue is effectively producing and using the forms. This will start with commission confirmations, time management, and minor tasks, in addition to creating an outlet for the drive to plan.



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