Eat the lich!

With all the craziness going around from all sides, I have this to say:

Because <1% of monsters should not be the ones attacking the player character!


Activism (occurs once in a blue moon!)

Delenda SOPA PIPAque sunt!

This is the essence of the message. The freedom of information is represented by the flame and the ever-hungry forces that seek to stop it are visible as the menacing eyes. The light of truth and reason is being threatened even now by SOPA and PIPA, which will show the world an example of what America, previously the beacon of freedom and liberty truly thinks of freedom and liberty.

For a lot more information in a more serious tone, visit this web (despite the blatant invocation of Click Me Syndrome).

A note to all spambots trying to comment here:

All of you will be hanged, drawn, quartered, and pilloried.

Creating Art

My creative drive (defined as the drive to create, rather than the ability to produce art), becomes unusually active when I am stressed or bored. Currently, it is the latter, and it is irritating, because I cannot stand colors at the moment (leading to Saturation -90). After seeing an excellent webcomic, I noticed that I want to do so as well, but know that I would have neither enough subjects to discuss nor the ability to draw good pictures (especially because Saturation 0, the value a vast majority of readers use, will make the colors seem excessively saturated). This time, the drive affects visual art more than auditory art, so music theory is out of the question. Maybe I should just produce a protein model, because no one else cares about the colors as long as the physical structure is available.

20111222 Thoughts

My drive to create/craft is acting up, as it usually does following stress (an exam, an assembly, and not knowing why the stomach had a false positive half an hour before lunch). I wonder what form of art I can use to satisfy it this time. Writing poetry seems to work, but it only works to a limited extent given the slots I allot it. Keeping the considerations in mind, I open tty2, log in, and enter, “lynx,&#8221; knowing what I would find. The section labeled, “Motivated functions of art,” contains some interesting information and organizes art into six basic purposes:

  1. Communication: The focus of my drive seems to be art, not didacticism, but the fact that my didactic illustrations can be considered art reassures me to a slight extent.
  2. Entertainment: I want a contemplative focus, and observing entertainment has convinced me that it tends to reduce contemplation.
  3. Political change: This is a personal drive to create, not a drive to convince. I am not interested in dealing with the inevitable questions following politicking [sic].
  4. Psychological: It really is an issue of wanting to do something badly more than it is of appeasing the AS special interests.
  5. Subversion: The art I want to create will probably affect only myself, and I hate rebellious art in any case.
  6. Propaganda: This art is personal. It cannot fall under this category any more than it can fall under, “Subversion.”

I still wonder what form of art can soothe the desire. The drive usually falls to normal levels after some appeasement, which usually requires only 0040 or sometimes 0120. Maybe creating a personal seal (last known interest: 2008091x.1420 will


After a long wait of resolving (annoying in hindsight) special interests, I felt it would be appropriate to write the first post specifically concerning Asperger’s Syndrome. I will begin with what it is NOT and common misconceptions (focused on the best and most subjective primary source).

  • Interesting special interest (to the NT): Even most of us with AS do not consider models of sandwich makers too interesting or lucrative.
  • Something to be cured: Most of us would never want the advantages removed. For me, I think I would prefer to be, “lower-functioning,” if that meant I could obtain more knowledge.
  • Internet troll: Many of the, “aspies,” you see on non-specialized forums are nothing more than trolls that think having AS automatically allows for consideration as a genius. The reason this one happens so frequently is the actual condition of Münchausen’s Syndrome, which does tend to result in trolls.
  • Contagious: I honestly wonder how this spread, but to the NT’s (and socially well-adjusted people on the spectrum) reading this, there is a behavior known as mirroring. It involves copying the other person in the conversation in movement, articulation, tone, and the other social things those of us with AS generally struggle to use.
  • Caused by vaccines: We now realize that the person advocating this was in a position to obtain plenty of money. There is no definitive link between vaccines and the ASD’s, and the greater risk of a painful death by one of the diseases prevented by the vaccine greatly outweighs the ASD in many of the cases.
  • Alibi for rudeness: For me, at least, I want everyone interacting with me to tell me directly (and cleanly) about whatever wrongs I fail to see. I know I frequently state things with unfortunate implications without any of the intentions, and this is why I need outside assistance.
  • Physically visible: Although ASD’s have been correlated with youthful appearances (43.2%, but that was a somewhat subjective test), they do not necessarily provide that. Of course, it should be noted that we tend to express fewer facial expressions and that can be a good hint.
  • Sociopathy: A sociopath is antisocial, most with AS are asocial. There is a difference, and for me, it simply means wanting a nice, quiet setting where I do not have to interact with others. A sociopath, on the other hand, would not mind interacting with others if it brought personal gain.
  • Psychopathy: Those of us with AS tend to lack the comparatively excellent social skills and deceptiveness psychopaths have. In fact, that is probably why most assume that we..
  • ..Tell only the truth: Not all Aspergians have the same compulsions to speak the truth. It is only a pattern, and it probably decreases as, “normal,” is approached because many of the emotional responses NT’s provide can be understood as lies, can they not?
  • Cannot understand humor/sarcasm: A lot of us can, given enough time, understand humor or sarcasm. The only problem is that those who use sarcasm or irony for selfish reasons tend to keep the Aspergian occupied with processing the next lines of dialogue, or so I think from personal experience. Also, note that what those of us with AS consider funny can be highly idiosyncratic. Many of the things I consider funny fly over or into people’s heads.
  • All the same: If anything, the special interests and decreased social contact probably cause us to be more divergent (and therefore diverse).
  • Always introverted: Being extroverted does not necessarily mean being good at being extroverted. It just means a higher propensity to make contact.
  • Poor at verbal school subjects: On the contrary, we can do well at the rote components of language classes and can have a high writing skill:conversational skill ratio.
  • Excellent at mathematics: Frequently, those with AS suffer at mathematics, and most with ASD’s are not calendar experts. It would be a nice special interest….
  • Very severe: AS is little more than classical Autistic Disorder without the language delay. My case is a little dubious because of the timing being close to the border, but I seem to exhibit more traits of those without language delays than those with language delays. However, many of us develop coping mechanisms or resolve certain symptoms completely.
  • Not severe: Personally, I doubt most NT adolescents realize what internal conflict or having to juggle so many social behaviors is like. This is probably because of the vague criteria of the DSM-IV allowing for more people to read themselves in the criteria. Maybe I will post a detailed explanation for the criteria later.
  • No empathy: As implicitly stated before, we do have empathy, but it is generally difficult to express it verbally or physically. Perhaps this is why alexithymia is common among those with AS. We can also, “pick up,” emotions from others, but this generally happens after they have intensified to somewhat dangerous levels.

Monatian: Phonology

Another day of doing nothing follows… I am still struggling to create an orthography for my language. However, the phonology is finished. The consonants are the following:

N, Ɲ, Ŋ, T, D, Ʈ, Ç, K, G, Q, Θ, Ð, S, ʃ, Ʒ, H, R, Rr, L, J

And the vowels are as follows:

I, Y, Ɯ, I, E, Ø, O, Ə, A, Ä, ɒ

I cannot help but wish I had considered the names of the amino acids and nucleotides while creating this language, because the faction for which these would be used is the (alter?) ego and represents my intellectual drive, knowledge without concerns that the super-ego would provide, and the general archetype of, “evil genius,” with the evil being a disregard for ethics and morality. It will take some unusual creativity on my part to rename the current amino acids and nucleotides in such a way that they can be written using these letters. I even managed to get the pronouns determined in this table:

Singular Plural
1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
Genitive Ɲɒ Dɒ,Θɒ SLɒ,STɒ,SKɒ NYɒ Ʒɒ,Sɒ SLɒRr,STɒT,STɒK

When spoken, some of it evokes the French pronoun system, but this is probably a consequence of the similarities between the Romance languages. Some (such as ÇØ) evoke the Spanish pronouns as well, which should be expected. This will probably be final, and I am going to take steps to ensure that pronouns are almost always written, so there will be a departure from the rather Latin conjugations and spellings. Take the basic present indicative conjugations of the verb IRE, meaning to go, to travel, to move below:

Singular Plural

It can be seen that the 1st person singular ends in the o vowel, which was taken from Latin because of the quantity of the vowel. The usage of similar vowels of different length was taken from a brief spark of creativity, although it seems familiar. Note that the Y is actually a vowel that sounds something like a cross between V and a W without the movements of the lips. The fundamental premise of the alphabet was a language without labial consonants, so something had to replace at least some of them. Regardless, the plural conjugations do sound like horrible amalgamations of French and Latin, but this is my first (non-English code) constructed language and first serious burst of interest in linguistics. The next irregular verb, ERE, which is defined as to be, to exist, to be present, follows the Latin definition more because it can be used for constructs stating, “There is a…” Here are its conjugations:

Singular Plural
2nd ɪS ɪSTIƷ

You may immediately notice the parallels without my assistance. However, I dislike SELENT. It suggests a verbing [sic] of the adjective lunar. If I shorten it to SENT, it will suggest feeling or judging instead. More research will be needed for this problem, but note the distinct French touch on the otherwise Latin-based spellings. SɪO remains a problem due to the pronunciation difficulties. The ɪ would definitely suggest I, but to use I seems to make the basic form of the verb too distinct from the others. This is a verb that requires improvement. It probably is not as bad as my attempt to combine the verbs for to have and to hold (HENYER).

Singular Plural

Even pronouncing henuere is already terrible enough, but this one produces a regular conjugation out of that. Perhaps, I should keep the verbs for habere and tenere separate, although it seemed nice when I first thought of the idea.

YIDERE (to see). The next verb, YIDERE, should be obvious to anyone who remembers that the Y is not a consonant and is not pronounced like a front vowel.

Singular Plural

I felt I could not get more blatant than uido (–> vido –> video), but transcribing the word as uido would cause confusion with fido, in which the root of fid- has an obvious meaning.

I already feel better now. Critiquing my own work severely and honestly has always been intellectually stimulating and keeps me from accumulating too much hubris.

An Incomplete List of That Which I Despise in the Adolescents of Today

I begin with the details about the rules:
* Electronic device regulations were loosened this year. Now, students can use their cellphones during, “Nutrition,” or snack-time.
* The dress code, which had a contract to be signed by all students, is not enforced.
* Students regularly participate in conversations promoting vulgarity, violence, and vileness.
* Although there are two rules about profanity, not even the campus aides enforce them. This is why I gave up trying to report cases.
* Skateboards are present and used on campus with no more punishment than a very mild warning.
* The use of music players, which are forbidden on campus, is widespread.

I continue with the flaws in the academics:
* Valedictorian status depends on unweighted grade point averages (GPA), which means that a student taking only the most basic classes could still be chosen against the advanced student taking challenging courses.
* The California Standards Tests (CST) appear to produce inordinately large number of passing students. A, “student,” who openly stated that he had engaged in substance abuse and constantly spoke in that odd dialect of profanities, managed to receive a gold rank when the rewards for CST achievement were released.
* The classes provided were often un-stimulating to such a degree that much of my optimistic idealism about the future and students in the ninth and tenth grades disappeared during the eleventh grade. This probably increased the severity of AD as well.
* Political correctness would continually impede lectures even when it was obvious that it was condescending and a new form of superiority. I would not be offended about color references in which I would be included as a subject, but most are too immature.
* The grammar (ARGH ARGH ARGH!) of foreign exchange or transfer students in general is better than the blatant violations of inclusion of punctuation, use of the passive mood where appropriate, et cetera.
* The spelling (ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH!) is even worse.
* Electronics have become the new mathematical concept-processing nuclei.
* The students struggle to understand analogies even when a simple logical deduction eliminates nearly all the wrong answers.
* The primary condition considered by students when choosing novels was almost always brevity.