Activism (occurs once in a blue moon!)

Delenda SOPA PIPAque sunt!

This is the essence of the message. The freedom of information is represented by the flame and the ever-hungry forces that seek to stop it are visible as the menacing eyes. The light of truth and reason is being threatened even now by SOPA and PIPA, which will show the world an example of what America, previously the beacon of freedom and liberty truly thinks of freedom and liberty.

For a lot more information in a more serious tone, visit this web (despite the blatant invocation of Click Me Syndrome).

A note to all spambots trying to comment here:

All of you will be hanged, drawn, quartered, and pilloried.



If you managed to reach this blog, then congratulations on your decision to accompany me on this journey called life. Here, the posts will primarily consist of these things:

  • Special Interest: Biochemistry!: a majority of the posts
  • Periodic interest: Knowledge! and other Science!s [sic]: current interests will be posted somewhere
  • Philosophy: likely concerning M. Descartes
  • Music: horrible baby steps in music theory: listen if you want headaches and horrible earworms from failed counterpoint
    • Poetry: unforgettably miserable attempts at incorporating both scansion and excellent rhyme
  • Conlang: more details after studying the psychology of linguistics, likely to suit my unique preferences in a language
  • Asperger’s Syndrome, of course!

These are the results for the current quizzes available everywhere:
You scored 123 aloof, 118 rigid and 96 pragmatic
AQ Test: 40
Brain Type: Extreme Systemizing, EQ5 vs SQ70
Sensitivity Test: 17 (High Sensitivity)
Face reading score: 15 (Trouble knowing expressions)

For the pedants, I concur about the bullet points *inward wink*