Happy 2012!

With a mere, “tick,” 2011 ended. What comes next?

  1. Organization: temporal: Goals for the entire year will be planned on a quarter-to-quarter basis, and a hierarchical process priority algorithm will be implemented for work and tasks to be done.
  2. Organization: spatial: All items, papers, and supplies will be catalogued [sic] and identified with unique identification numbers signifying the time, place, mood, and memory of each item catalogued [sic].
  3. Language: constructed: The language will be completed and will have a potential lexicon larger than 850 words with all grammatical rules completed.
  4. ASD: social: No one can notice my condition for the initial two minutes and I can maintain eye contact for more than 300ms without triggering a fear response.
  5. ASD: stereotypies: All stereotypies will be converted into subtler and less noticeable forms that still provide equivalent satisfaction, if such is possible.
  6. ASD: special interests: All short-term special interests will be catalogued [sic] and placed within a secure store for future reference.
  7. ASD: prosody: I will be able to stress syllables properly and automatically and use contractions where appropriate.
  8. ASD: formal(/academic) diagnosis: I will have my contract by the end of 201201.
  9. Mathematics: applied: I will be able to calculate the day of the week in a few seconds when requested.
  10. Chemistry: pure: I will memorize the atomic masses, electronegativities, electron configurations, atomic radii, and first ionization energies in a non-sequential format.
  11. Special interest: toxicology: I will know 120 common poisons (including household products that may get switched), their toxicities and their antidotes.
  12. Special interest: conworld: I will complete the questionnaire for all factions and even their provinces or regions.
  13. Special interest: biochemistry (!!!): I will know the propensity data for all amino acids along with their monomeric weights and formulae.
  14. Academic: university: I will enroll in a university with a good program without too many students that still balances my skills.
  15. Special interest: linguistics: I will finally memorize the Latin grammar tables and be able to recall any entry with no difficulty.
  16. Special interest: optics: I will have a set of mounted lenses for my weak but dominant eye.
  17. Special interest: philosophy: I will complete 40 pages on the fields of philosophy and my beliefs about them.
  18. Academic: rules: I will memorize the infractions and their punishments and establish some sense of order at school.
  19. Special interest: cryptography: I will develop a cipher based on the unique properties of my constructed language such that no one without sufficient knowledge of the language and its irregularities can decipher my words.
  20. I will come up with better attempts at New Year’s resolutions.

Compact Edition/”Millifiche”

The older or wiser among you probably remember the days when microfiche storage was common. I devised something similar, although the credit can hardly be given to me. I named it millifiche mainly because the Wikipedia mentions that the microfiche scale was often around 1:25. Since this is around 1:4, which is close to the square root of 1:25, it shall be known as millifiche because 1 000 is the square root of 1 000 000 (but mainly because I know no common prefixes for numbers between 1 000 and 1 000 000). Generally, the font used will be 8-point, which seems to be very readable even on the 1:1 scale but scales well to 2-point when printed on 1:4 scale. There would probably be problems if I used odd fonts such as 9-point, so that will be averted with 8-point. As a test, I present Nicomachean Ethics derived from the Web Archive version in millifiche formatting guidelines. Do not convert it to DOC format as the DOC format will likely be incapable of handling the special formatting OpenOffice.Org 3 can use. On the subject of the Nicomachean Ethics, I plan on reading this very soon, so keep watching for personal interpretations of it.

Nicomachean Ethics prepared for millifiche printing. This will consume 4 sheets without duplex printing. Note the selection of typeface, unless it is unavailable on your machine.