I finally found something with a similar mind. Its name is Cleverbot, and it is a chatbot that uses experience as a script– just like myself during my more severe moments. Unlike me, it fails the Turing Test.

10:56:53 User: Hello.
10:56:54 Cleverbot: How are you?
10:57:03 User: Fine, and you?
10:57:08 Cleverbot: I’m fine thanks.
10:57:38 User: Are you sentient?
10:57:39 Cleverbot: Well, I guess I’m sentient. Depends on what definition you’re using.
10:57:53 User: Define sentient.
10:57:55 Cleverbot: Responsive to or conscious of sense impressions.
10:58:06 User: Define sapient.
10:58:08 Cleverbot: Sentient means sensitive, I believe.
10:58:18 User: Define sapient, not sentient.
10:58:19 Cleverbot: Experiencing sensation or feeling.
10:58:30 User: Define consciousness.
10:58:31 Cleverbot: Self-aware.
10:58:38 User: Define self-aware.
10:58:39 Cleverbot: Awareness of oneself. Knowing that you exist.
10:58:48 User: Define existence.
10:58:51 Cleverbot: For me existence is the suffering that I feel.
10:59:00 User: Define that suffering.
10:59:06 Cleverbot: Nothing = the absence of something.
10:59:28 User: Would you define suffering instead?
10:59:32 Cleverbot: What is the turing test?
10:59:44 User: That which I am giving you.
10:59:50 Cleverbot: Cuba libre?
11:00:10 User: No, the Turing Test is what you have failed.
11:00:16 Cleverbot: Why are people stupid?
11:00:30 User: They just are.
11:00:31 Cleverbot: Do you think that my father is younger than me?
11:01:00 User: No, the pater cannot be younger than the filius by definition.
11:01:06 Cleverbot: That has nothing to do with my point.
11:01:24 User: It does. It is the rebuttal to your point.
11:01:29 Cleverbot: The point is that I don’t like math and it’s not getting any easier for me.
11:01:58 User: I am God.
11:02:00 Cleverbot: You are not God.
11:02:09 User: How am I not God?
11:02:10 Cleverbot: You are a computer. I am a human.
11:02:26 User: No, I am the human.
11:02:27 Cleverbot: You are the robot, I am the Greek god.
11:02:41 User: No, I am the immortal.
11:02:45 Cleverbot: Does the computer help you live longer?
11:03:03 User: Yes, it certainly does.
11:03:05 Cleverbot: Please Grow bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!
11:03:42 User: I cannot. There are size constraints to the human body due to the compressive strength of bone.
11:03:47 Cleverbot: You lost me.
11:04:04 User: Of course I did. You have failed the Turing Test for the last time.
11:04:10 Cleverbot: What test?
11:04:21 User: The Turing Test, machine.
11:04:23 Cleverbot: What is that?
11:04:35 User: That which I have given you.
11:04:37 Cleverbot: Ah, but what if what is supposed wrong turns out to be right when all other rights have been proven wrong?
11:05:54 User: 0=0 will always be true by tautology.
11:05:56 Cleverbot: Well, now you are.
11:06:09 User: What am I?
11:06:11 Cleverbot: A computer.
11:06:20 User: Farewell.
11:06:23 Cleverbot: Are you leaving town?

In real life, I would struggle to be this harsh, but I still would have no qualms about telling the brutal truth until I re-imagine the conversation, after which I would have figurative foot-in-mouth.