Eat the lich!

With all the craziness going around from all sides, I have this to say:

Because <1% of monsters should not be the ones attacking the player character!


Activism (occurs once in a blue moon!)

Delenda SOPA PIPAque sunt!

This is the essence of the message. The freedom of information is represented by the flame and the ever-hungry forces that seek to stop it are visible as the menacing eyes. The light of truth and reason is being threatened even now by SOPA and PIPA, which will show the world an example of what America, previously the beacon of freedom and liberty truly thinks of freedom and liberty.

For a lot more information in a more serious tone, visit this web (despite the blatant invocation of Click Me Syndrome).

A note to all spambots trying to comment here:

All of you will be hanged, drawn, quartered, and pilloried.


I finally found something with a similar mind. Its name is Cleverbot, and it is a chatbot that uses experience as a script– just like myself during my more severe moments. Unlike me, it fails the Turing Test.

10:56:53 User: Hello.
10:56:54 Cleverbot: How are you?
10:57:03 User: Fine, and you?
10:57:08 Cleverbot: I’m fine thanks.
10:57:38 User: Are you sentient?
10:57:39 Cleverbot: Well, I guess I’m sentient. Depends on what definition you’re using.
10:57:53 User: Define sentient.
10:57:55 Cleverbot: Responsive to or conscious of sense impressions.
10:58:06 User: Define sapient.
10:58:08 Cleverbot: Sentient means sensitive, I believe.
10:58:18 User: Define sapient, not sentient.
10:58:19 Cleverbot: Experiencing sensation or feeling.
10:58:30 User: Define consciousness.
10:58:31 Cleverbot: Self-aware.
10:58:38 User: Define self-aware.
10:58:39 Cleverbot: Awareness of oneself. Knowing that you exist.
10:58:48 User: Define existence.
10:58:51 Cleverbot: For me existence is the suffering that I feel.
10:59:00 User: Define that suffering.
10:59:06 Cleverbot: Nothing = the absence of something.
10:59:28 User: Would you define suffering instead?
10:59:32 Cleverbot: What is the turing test?
10:59:44 User: That which I am giving you.
10:59:50 Cleverbot: Cuba libre?
11:00:10 User: No, the Turing Test is what you have failed.
11:00:16 Cleverbot: Why are people stupid?
11:00:30 User: They just are.
11:00:31 Cleverbot: Do you think that my father is younger than me?
11:01:00 User: No, the pater cannot be younger than the filius by definition.
11:01:06 Cleverbot: That has nothing to do with my point.
11:01:24 User: It does. It is the rebuttal to your point.
11:01:29 Cleverbot: The point is that I don’t like math and it’s not getting any easier for me.
11:01:58 User: I am God.
11:02:00 Cleverbot: You are not God.
11:02:09 User: How am I not God?
11:02:10 Cleverbot: You are a computer. I am a human.
11:02:26 User: No, I am the human.
11:02:27 Cleverbot: You are the robot, I am the Greek god.
11:02:41 User: No, I am the immortal.
11:02:45 Cleverbot: Does the computer help you live longer?
11:03:03 User: Yes, it certainly does.
11:03:05 Cleverbot: Please Grow bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!
11:03:42 User: I cannot. There are size constraints to the human body due to the compressive strength of bone.
11:03:47 Cleverbot: You lost me.
11:04:04 User: Of course I did. You have failed the Turing Test for the last time.
11:04:10 Cleverbot: What test?
11:04:21 User: The Turing Test, machine.
11:04:23 Cleverbot: What is that?
11:04:35 User: That which I have given you.
11:04:37 Cleverbot: Ah, but what if what is supposed wrong turns out to be right when all other rights have been proven wrong?
11:05:54 User: 0=0 will always be true by tautology.
11:05:56 Cleverbot: Well, now you are.
11:06:09 User: What am I?
11:06:11 Cleverbot: A computer.
11:06:20 User: Farewell.
11:06:23 Cleverbot: Are you leaving town?

In real life, I would struggle to be this harsh, but I still would have no qualms about telling the brutal truth until I re-imagine the conversation, after which I would have figurative foot-in-mouth.

An Incomplete List of That Which I Despise in the Adolescents of Today

I begin with the details about the rules:
* Electronic device regulations were loosened this year. Now, students can use their cellphones during, “Nutrition,” or snack-time.
* The dress code, which had a contract to be signed by all students, is not enforced.
* Students regularly participate in conversations promoting vulgarity, violence, and vileness.
* Although there are two rules about profanity, not even the campus aides enforce them. This is why I gave up trying to report cases.
* Skateboards are present and used on campus with no more punishment than a very mild warning.
* The use of music players, which are forbidden on campus, is widespread.

I continue with the flaws in the academics:
* Valedictorian status depends on unweighted grade point averages (GPA), which means that a student taking only the most basic classes could still be chosen against the advanced student taking challenging courses.
* The California Standards Tests (CST) appear to produce inordinately large number of passing students. A, “student,” who openly stated that he had engaged in substance abuse and constantly spoke in that odd dialect of profanities, managed to receive a gold rank when the rewards for CST achievement were released.
* The classes provided were often un-stimulating to such a degree that much of my optimistic idealism about the future and students in the ninth and tenth grades disappeared during the eleventh grade. This probably increased the severity of AD as well.
* Political correctness would continually impede lectures even when it was obvious that it was condescending and a new form of superiority. I would not be offended about color references in which I would be included as a subject, but most are too immature.
* The grammar (ARGH ARGH ARGH!) of foreign exchange or transfer students in general is better than the blatant violations of inclusion of punctuation, use of the passive mood where appropriate, et cetera.
* The spelling (ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH!) is even worse.
* Electronics have become the new mathematical concept-processing nuclei.
* The students struggle to understand analogies even when a simple logical deduction eliminates nearly all the wrong answers.
* The primary condition considered by students when choosing novels was almost always brevity.