Ladhsorian map (ancient)

At long last, a map and proof that I am working on the conworld! This map shows a very small piece of the massive planet. Currently, it is divided for the Ladhsorian culture a short time after dispersion. As you may be able to see, they occupy plenty of territory, but by no means an approximate third of the inhabitable world. This is because it is, as has been mentioned, during the ancient times.

My concept for the Kne-Ladhsor was a medium of sorts for the preservation of the proto-Ladhsorian language. If I recall correctly, it also happens to be the closest tribe to the point of origin, and since it is the northern hemisphere, the closest to the equator.

For the Lidhsil, I imagined a tribe specialized for trade and mobility to some extent. This explains its large coastline and the fact that it wraps around the Tersul in such a way that inter-tribal territory crossing is not required. The plan for future development is migration (conquest?) to the north accompanied by an unusual amount of expansion.

The Tersul, the oddly solid block, was designed with some degree of militarism. The Tersuli territory is fairly flat and ideal for both agriculture and the raising of horses for wars in the early ages. I have doubts about the fact that it is surrounded, but surely a gap of around 100 km will be acceptable in case a migration is ever needed, and there is always the possibilty of acting on the plan of invading the Lidhsil.

Following this, I will be developing the Dlasde and their preliminary territories. Until then, g’night!


Update: What is happening?

There was probably a notable lack of updates in the last week-and-a-half. Most of that was due to the final exams and what happened after that.

When I study my schoolwork a lot, I tend to drift away from what was supposed to be studied. Considering the fact that the last final exams to receive a decent amount of attention were Spanish and Physics, my thoughts over the last week naturally drifted toward conworlding and conlangs. As an update to the conlangs, there will be three basic cultures based on the LCK’s grammars. The first one to be developed, the Ladhsor, will be agglutinative and will have an alphabet which will be slowly dominated by an abjad. The next culture, which will mainly be for repairing what could not be repaired for the Ladhsor, will be the Dlasde. They will begin and end with mostly alphabets and their grammar will be inflected. The final cultural seed, the Matha, will have a syllabic writing system with an isolating grammar. In the world map prepared for this, I remain unsure of how to disperse the cultures, so it might end up being similar to Roundworldian dispersion.

For the last few months, I have been intermittently working on the proto-Ladhsorian language, with neglect to the culture and potential histories developed from it. After reviewing my commentarius concepti, I decided that they will have an intellectualizing tendency, and the language will be developed primarily for the sake of ease of translation at the expense of art possibility. I always imagined that the Dlasde, with their inflecting language, would be more suited to the creation of art in general, while the Matha would be more philosophically oriented. One must keep the fact that these are supposed to model the outdated model of the tripartite mind in mind.

So far, I have managed to develop a procedure for modifying the proto-Ladhsorian language and creating daughter alphabets. Currently, I am considering a 5+ roll for converting every generation above the third filial generation from the proto-Ladhsorian language into an abjad. This will reflect the increasing usage, although one designated pattern of lineage will preserve a fair amount of proto-Ladhsorian simply for the reason of maintaining the language developed with my own sweat and blood (pressure).

As for the propensity for war and its place in history, I imagine that the Ladhsorians will have a utilitarian stance on war in that they understand the negative domestic effects and distraction it creates but will engage in warfare if the returns can outweigh the investments. The final algorithm I use will probably encourage the development of many independent states in a relatively cohesive region.

For the Matha, I thought that they would be somewhat patronizing and imperialistic due to being the representation of the super-ego. They will likely average CR 4.5 using the GURPS control ratings system (scale of 1-6, 3 is considered normal) and be focused on philosophy and the belief in Kevinjh the Creator of Ortingenia. I also felt that they would be more defensive than the other cultures and would be stronger against conquests by influence and diplomacy.

Finally, for the Dlasde, which were representations of the id, they will probably be rather wild no matter how civilized they try to be and will probably have a higher chance of revolt and decay by hedonism. However, they will also produce the most art because of this close connection to human pleasure and satisfaction of want.

After reviewing my crude maps of the beginnings of human civilization, it appears that 30°N is a common latitude of origin. Fortunately, the map I generated for Ortingenia has what is probably arable land around that latitude. There is a rash of lakes at around 45°N and plenty of land to the north, west, and east. The land distribution will probably be west, static, and east. Ladhsor will probably migrate west, Matha will remain static, and Dlasde will probably migrate to the east. This is because of the massive continent to the west, which should make the international Ladhsorian conflicts as interesting as they are in real life.

Disclaimer: I am not thinking about real life currently. I am thinking about my mind and how to efficiently model it and still fit it with a variety of linguistic options and variations.


These are the Bellignians. They are a savage and warlike species and are about as tall as children prior to adolescence. They inhabited a jungle world filled mostly with water but are now moving out. Most likely, they will be behind by one TL or two. As an extra note, they are usually angry.


  • Water-based Life (Cold-Hot)


  • Habitat: Jungle (80%+ hydrographic coverage)
  • Trophic Level and Strategy: Chasing Carnivore (Very Fit, high HT, Increased Move/Enhanced Move, Acute Sense, Tracking)

AC III (Move=sqrt(L*G), L=height in diyards, G=gravity)

  • Primary Locomotion: Walking


  • Size Category: Human-scale (18”-3yd)
  • Size and Mass: 1.5 yd (SM-1), 80 lb
  • Gravity Effects:
  • Strength: ST 9 (Roll 1d, 3+ grants ST 10, 6 grants ST 11)


  • Symmetry: Bilateral
  • Number of limbs: 2 segments
  • Manipulators: 2, normal DX
  • Skeleton: Combination


  • Skin: Skin (Hide (DR 1))
  • Breathing: Lungs
  • Temperature: Warm-blooded
  • Growth: Continuous


  • Sexes: Two sexes
  • Gestation: Live-bearing with pouch
  • Strategy: Moderate r-strategy: 5 offspring/litter, some care after birth


  • Primary Sense: Touch and taste
  • Vision: Normal Vision
    • Night Vision 7
  • !Hearing: Normal Hearing
  • Touch: Acute Touch 4 and Vibration Sense
  • Taste/Smell: Acute Taste/Smell 4 and Discriminatory Smell


  • Intelligence: IQ 7
  • Mating Behavior: Harem
  • Social Organization: Medium group of 4d members (Pack, 6-20)


  • Chauvinism +4 (Racial intolerance)
  • Concentration +2 (Single-minded)
  • Curiosity -1 (Staid)
  • Egoism +2 (Selfish (9)
  • Empathy -3 (Bloodlust (12))
  • Gregariousness +2 (Chummy)
  • Imagination +1 (Versatile)
  • Suspicion -2 (Fearlessness 2)
  • Playfulness -1 (Serious)

Populating the Otherworld

Disclaimer about this being a fictitious work. Anyone who seriously believes that the cosmology can be true should stand on top of the residence of the highest local authority and scream, “CREDVLVS SVM! CREDVLVS SVM! CREDVLVS SVM!”

How much fun is it, really, to imagine an entire system for faster-than-light travel (and time travel as well, in special cases) when there is no one capable of enjoying the complications of the system (read: Socratic method)? Although the planet designed with GURPS will persist, I will be implementing several civilizations for the galaxy. I will also add that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so why should I not flatter the Creator?

This time, I will be focusing on understanding emotion. Plutchik has an interesting model for this purpose. From what I can infer solely through seeing the diagrams, the following are the basic emotions:

Fear, anger, joy, sadness, trust, disgust, anticipation, and surprise.

And the following are the dyads derived in a specific pattern from the above:

Submission, contempt, optimism, disapproval, love, remorse, aggressiveness, awe

The pairs are as follows:

  • Fear-anger
  • Joy-sadness
  • Trust-disgust
  • Anticipation-surprise

I will select one from each pair. After the random number rolls, the results were anger, sadness, trust, and surprise. This will give me enough of a random seed to begin the first race (based on anger).

Happy 2012!

With a mere, “tick,” 2011 ended. What comes next?

  1. Organization: temporal: Goals for the entire year will be planned on a quarter-to-quarter basis, and a hierarchical process priority algorithm will be implemented for work and tasks to be done.
  2. Organization: spatial: All items, papers, and supplies will be catalogued [sic] and identified with unique identification numbers signifying the time, place, mood, and memory of each item catalogued [sic].
  3. Language: constructed: The language will be completed and will have a potential lexicon larger than 850 words with all grammatical rules completed.
  4. ASD: social: No one can notice my condition for the initial two minutes and I can maintain eye contact for more than 300ms without triggering a fear response.
  5. ASD: stereotypies: All stereotypies will be converted into subtler and less noticeable forms that still provide equivalent satisfaction, if such is possible.
  6. ASD: special interests: All short-term special interests will be catalogued [sic] and placed within a secure store for future reference.
  7. ASD: prosody: I will be able to stress syllables properly and automatically and use contractions where appropriate.
  8. ASD: formal(/academic) diagnosis: I will have my contract by the end of 201201.
  9. Mathematics: applied: I will be able to calculate the day of the week in a few seconds when requested.
  10. Chemistry: pure: I will memorize the atomic masses, electronegativities, electron configurations, atomic radii, and first ionization energies in a non-sequential format.
  11. Special interest: toxicology: I will know 120 common poisons (including household products that may get switched), their toxicities and their antidotes.
  12. Special interest: conworld: I will complete the questionnaire for all factions and even their provinces or regions.
  13. Special interest: biochemistry (!!!): I will know the propensity data for all amino acids along with their monomeric weights and formulae.
  14. Academic: university: I will enroll in a university with a good program without too many students that still balances my skills.
  15. Special interest: linguistics: I will finally memorize the Latin grammar tables and be able to recall any entry with no difficulty.
  16. Special interest: optics: I will have a set of mounted lenses for my weak but dominant eye.
  17. Special interest: philosophy: I will complete 40 pages on the fields of philosophy and my beliefs about them.
  18. Academic: rules: I will memorize the infractions and their punishments and establish some sense of order at school.
  19. Special interest: cryptography: I will develop a cipher based on the unique properties of my constructed language such that no one without sufficient knowledge of the language and its irregularities can decipher my words.
  20. I will come up with better attempts at New Year’s resolutions.

Conworld: Tempace Cosmology

[Before I begin, I would like to tell you that this is a constructed multiverse intended for some form of introspection. It borrows from the real multiverse but introduces several completely absurd concepts, such as the tempace.]

The tempace is a triangular pyramid that expands from an origin, which marks the beginning of this multiverse. Previously, I had imagined it as a perfect, “volume,” of sorts that expanded at a constant rate, but I have a better idea now. One of the axes of the tempace is entropy, and it is the greatest influence over the expansion of the tempace. It is the increase of entropy in the spatial world that pushes this vertex away from the origin. The next axis is a weakness in the, “border,” between the temporal and spatial world and is influenced by gravity, which reduces the speed of the associated vertex. The final axis is one that is also a weakness in the, “border,” and is influenced by speed, not velocity. The greater the speed, the slower the progress along this axis. The hyper-surface produced by these three axes represents, “now,” and is full of pits and bumps due to the various interactions between the progress along the axes. The inside of the tempace is not empty or quiet in that it is filled with the equivalent of matter in the spatial world. Apparent time in the tempace is the effect of the expansion of space just as apparent time in space is the effect of time in the tempace. Time travel is extremely implausible (remember that this is fiction and would be destroyed quickly by a theoretical physicist) but can be done by having a negative speed (Imaginary velocity? Negative mass?), having entropy spontaneously reverse (Hyperobservation?), and something involving gravity (negative gravity=dark energy?).

Space is filled with matter-energy, which comprises everything without volition. Volition is interpreted to be a property impossible to fully understand so that the psychological purpose of creating this world is maintained (that is to say, this world is intended to be a psychological construct, not a model of the real multiverse if there are really many multiverses in the grand universe). In case faith must be brought into consideration, I am the God in this world simply because the planet inhabited by people represents my mind.

The tempace is filled with an exotic ematerial-ectergy that is static in most of the inside of the tempace but fluctuating (somewhat violently) on the hypersurface, which accounts for its appearance. If I decide to make art, it may be seen as filamentous strands against a black background except in the case of directly viewing the hypersurface, in which case it would be seen as a plane filled with many hills and valleys with the strands concentrated on the peaks and troughs.

However, since two dimensions is not enough to represent space, objects experience four at any given time, and the fourth is the vector from the origin to the current location in the tempace and space. Objects can enter the tempace by exchanging axes, so a three-dimensional object can become a one-dimensional object in space and a two-dimensional object in the tempace. I will have to develop this further.

Conworld Detour

I am getting VERY impatient about Ortingenia. This is worsened by my desire for practice at conworlding. For now, I will construct Cerebria (also a name in Dog Latin). It will be the model of my mind and how it interacts with other minds. The process will suspend my temporal compulsions and progress according to which property presents itself first.


It will be very indefinite, but it will not be a sphere. It will be more like an area on an infinite plane. I will care less about real astronomy and simply follow the culture. I am attempting to have a neurotypical train of thought.


The thoughts, ideas, and information are the individual citizens and populations. They are constantly moving like ants. The concepts are small guilds, parties, clubs, or otherwise small groups. The beliefs are strong organizations with great power. The Self is the highest level of governance in the nation of the mind and coordinates the actions of the ideas.


My mind is a representative democracy (on paper) but is dominated by the various organizations of belief and science. Much of its (time) budget is spent on research, but the real power is a small but powerful organization representing the (alter) I. The It is represented by the general will of a significant amount of the people and the Super-I is a council of elders with great wisdom and experience. Just to keep things interesting, I will be making parties based on the drives and making graphics of their seats in their representative bodies. Since there are no provinces, I imagine a one-house system will be fine.

Asperger’s Disorder is not insanity. Attempting a project like this is. The next post will answer the questions in the Zaharam-Chapelle-Parumas Ethnographical Questionnaire.

Monatian: Phonology

Another day of doing nothing follows… I am still struggling to create an orthography for my language. However, the phonology is finished. The consonants are the following:

N, Ɲ, Ŋ, T, D, Ʈ, Ç, K, G, Q, Θ, Ð, S, ʃ, Ʒ, H, R, Rr, L, J

And the vowels are as follows:

I, Y, Ɯ, I, E, Ø, O, Ə, A, Ä, ɒ

I cannot help but wish I had considered the names of the amino acids and nucleotides while creating this language, because the faction for which these would be used is the (alter?) ego and represents my intellectual drive, knowledge without concerns that the super-ego would provide, and the general archetype of, “evil genius,” with the evil being a disregard for ethics and morality. It will take some unusual creativity on my part to rename the current amino acids and nucleotides in such a way that they can be written using these letters. I even managed to get the pronouns determined in this table:

Singular Plural
1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
Genitive Ɲɒ Dɒ,Θɒ SLɒ,STɒ,SKɒ NYɒ Ʒɒ,Sɒ SLɒRr,STɒT,STɒK

When spoken, some of it evokes the French pronoun system, but this is probably a consequence of the similarities between the Romance languages. Some (such as ÇØ) evoke the Spanish pronouns as well, which should be expected. This will probably be final, and I am going to take steps to ensure that pronouns are almost always written, so there will be a departure from the rather Latin conjugations and spellings. Take the basic present indicative conjugations of the verb IRE, meaning to go, to travel, to move below:

Singular Plural

It can be seen that the 1st person singular ends in the o vowel, which was taken from Latin because of the quantity of the vowel. The usage of similar vowels of different length was taken from a brief spark of creativity, although it seems familiar. Note that the Y is actually a vowel that sounds something like a cross between V and a W without the movements of the lips. The fundamental premise of the alphabet was a language without labial consonants, so something had to replace at least some of them. Regardless, the plural conjugations do sound like horrible amalgamations of French and Latin, but this is my first (non-English code) constructed language and first serious burst of interest in linguistics. The next irregular verb, ERE, which is defined as to be, to exist, to be present, follows the Latin definition more because it can be used for constructs stating, “There is a…” Here are its conjugations:

Singular Plural
2nd ɪS ɪSTIƷ

You may immediately notice the parallels without my assistance. However, I dislike SELENT. It suggests a verbing [sic] of the adjective lunar. If I shorten it to SENT, it will suggest feeling or judging instead. More research will be needed for this problem, but note the distinct French touch on the otherwise Latin-based spellings. SɪO remains a problem due to the pronunciation difficulties. The ɪ would definitely suggest I, but to use I seems to make the basic form of the verb too distinct from the others. This is a verb that requires improvement. It probably is not as bad as my attempt to combine the verbs for to have and to hold (HENYER).

Singular Plural

Even pronouncing henuere is already terrible enough, but this one produces a regular conjugation out of that. Perhaps, I should keep the verbs for habere and tenere separate, although it seemed nice when I first thought of the idea.

YIDERE (to see). The next verb, YIDERE, should be obvious to anyone who remembers that the Y is not a consonant and is not pronounced like a front vowel.

Singular Plural

I felt I could not get more blatant than uido (–> vido –> video), but transcribing the word as uido would cause confusion with fido, in which the root of fid- has an obvious meaning.

I already feel better now. Critiquing my own work severely and honestly has always been intellectually stimulating and keeps me from accumulating too much hubris.

Conworld: Conlang (Step 2)

With that system practically finished, I am free to begin modeling society. As you may have noticed, the world government is factionalized, with three factions (Guess what they represent!) speaking the same language on a planet larger than the earth [sic]. I know how this immediately destroys suspension of disbelief, but creating a conlang takes a lot of time (If I had suggestions for the next conlang, I would probably implement them). Currently, LaMont’s faction will likely receive the first conlang, which is heavily based on Latin but is ergative-absolutive. Then, simply for the reason of creating a conflict and gaining further experience in creating a language, I will develop Lowell’s nation and language. It will probably be based on a simple natural language, although I do not know what makes a given language simple, although it will likely be agglutinating and utilize the nominative-accusative grammar with plenty of affixes for the lexicon in general. I am considering a script-based orthography as well. As for Cyril’s faction (Representing my favorite component: the super-ego), I am planning on basing it on Koine Greek, as that will be fascinating. Since this is a what-if universe, maybe Cyril’s Greek(-based) faction will overrun LaMont’s Roman(-based) faction. Perhaps, Lowell’s faction grows in power beyond its original intent. Until then, I can only speculate. In addition, I will have to create a personality model for the humanoids accounting for the vastly different cultures. Most likely, I will have finished conceptualizing this following Monday, once Thanksgiving week has begun. Then, I will be able to present the flags of the factions, more realistic economic data, better societal profiles, political models, religious data, technological information, and all that stuff. Perhaps, I will include some extras to make the world friendlier to imagination and hand-wave it as magic. The possibilities are practically endless!

Post Scriptum (to GHS students): STOP BRINGING UP PARADOXES! MY BRAIN LOVES THEM BUT MY MIND HATES PARADOXES FOR THEIR UNUSUALLY HIGH DISTRACTION POTENTIAL! (This applies to topological questions I have not independently solved, time-consuming thought experiments, and inordinately interesting physics problems as well.)

Post Post Scriptum: the Death Star energy question is no longer a mind-locker. It turns out that one would need about an dodecajoule (derived by extrapolating what will come after tetra, penta, hexa, zeptta, yoctta,… Apparently, Asperger’s Disorder comes with plenty of pattern recognition skills.)

Conworld: Consystem (Step 1)

With all that out of the way, may I present to you the star system housing Ortingenia (for want of a better name)! Note that this is unformatted output and the fact that the goal was to self-understanding the possibly existent but otherwise convenient model of the mind.

 Step 1: Concept
 A perfect world for the forces of Kevin’s mind, factionalized, a large paradise otherwise, and what else left to chance.
 Step 2: World Type
 Large (Garden): dense atmosphere with plenty of noble gases, obviously supports humans
 Step 3: Atmosphere
 Atmospheric Mass: 0.3000
No marginal composition, maybe Low Oxygen?
 Step 4: Hydrographic Coverage
 Step 5: Climate
 Average Surface Temperature: 282K (Cool, 40-60 F)
Blackbody Correction: 0.88*(1+0.76812*0.16)=0.98815
Blackbody Temperature: 285K
 Step 6: World Size
 K=0.85351 earth densities
S=1.0000 earth gravities
D=1.1716 earth diameters
M=1.3726 earth masses
W=4.0544 minimum molecular weight
P=1.5000 earth atmospheres
Step 7: Resources and Habitability
 RVM +2
Breathable (Standard) +3
Breathable (Not Marginal) +1
Liquid Coverage +2
Climate (Cool) +2
Affinity +11
Step 8: Settlement Type
Step 9: Technology Level
 Standard (Advanced) (TL 8+)
Step 10: Population
 k=20 billion
n=25 billion
Step 11-12: Society Type, Control Rating
 World Unity: Factionalized
Cyril (nation to be named)
Representative Democracy, oligarchy (CR 3)
Civil rights: 3
Economic freedom: 2
Human rights: 2
Legal restrictions: 4
Punishment: 4
Social control: 4
Taxation: 2
Weapons: 3
Lowell (nation to be named)
Representative Democracy, subjugated, utopia (CR 1)
Civil rights: 0
Economic freedom: 3
Human rights: 3
Legal restrictions: 0
Punishment: 0
Social control: 1
Taxation: 1
Weapons: 0
 Lamont (nation to be named)
Corporate (CR 3.5)
Civil rights: 5
Economic freedom: 1
Human rights: 2
Legal restrictions: 3
Punishment: 3
Social control: 2
Taxation: 6
Weapons: 4
Step 13: Economics
Base per capita income: $43400
Typical Wealth: Comfortable
Volume: $1,085 T
 Step 14: Bases and Facilities
Class V – Full Facilities Spaceport
Cyril (CR 3, PR 9)
Corporate HQ (PR 1)
60 Espionage facilities
Government research station (PR 3)
Private research station
Naval base (PR 4)
Lowell (CR 1, PR 9)
Black Market
Criminal Base (PR 5)
37 Espionage facilities
Government research station (PR 1)
Terrorist base (PR 4)
Lamont (CR 3.5, PR 9)
Corporate HQ (PR 2)
Criminal Base (PR 3)
49 Espionage facilities
Government reserach station (PR 1)
Mercenary Base (PR 4)
3 Private reseearch stations
Step 15: Number of Stars
Step 17: Star Masses and Star System Age
 M=1.1323 sun masses
3B yr
Step 18: Stellar Characteristics
Type: F9 V
Temp: 6100K
L-Min: 1.4 sun luminosities
L-Max: 2.6 sun luminosities
M-Span: 6.7B years
S-Span: 1.0B years
G-Span: 0.6B years
Lumin: 1.4+((3/6.7)(2.6-1.4))=1.9373 sun luminosities
R=0.005798 AU
Step 20: Orbital Zones
Step 21-23: Placing First Planets
 Arrangement of Gas Giants: Eccentric Gas Giant (between inner limit and snow line)
I R=0.27055: 631K, Small (Rock)
II R=0.48699: 470K, Small (Rock)
III R=0.77918: 372K, Standard (Greenhouse), F=1.2
IV R=1.3246: 285K, Large (Ortingenia), 1 Tiny (Moon), F=0.3
V R=2.2518: 219K, Asteroid Belt (Rock)
VI R=3.1525: 185K, Gas Giant (Medium), 5, 1, 2
VII R=5.0441: 146K, Gas Giant (Large), 9, 4, 6
VIII R=8.5749: 112K, Gas Giant (Small), 8, 5, 5
IX R=13.720: 89K, Asteroid Belt (Ice)
X R=24.696: 66K, Small (Hadean), 4 moonlets
XI R=39.513: 52K, Tiny (Hadean), 1 moonlet
VIa: Tiny (Rock)
VIIa: Standard (Ice), F=1.4, VIIb: Tiny (Rock), VIIc: Small (Rock), VIId: Tiny (Rock)
VIIIa: Standard (Ice), F=1.2, VIIIb: Tiny (Sulfur), VIIc: Standard (Ice), F=1.3, VIId: Small (Ice), VIIe: Standard (Ice), F=1.9
AST 276K
K=0.72104 earth densities
D=0.35786 earth diameters
S=0.25803 earth gravities
M=0.033044 earth masses
W=51.441 minimum molecular weight
Step 30: Dynamic Parameters
 Ortingenian year: 1.4326707 earth years or 523.29729 earth days
Planetary orbital eccentricity: 0.2 (perihelion at 1.0597, aphelion at 1.5895)
74.757 weeks with 5.29729 extra days each year
Orbital radius: 27.109
Rotational period: 24 hours
T=34.590 (by moon on planet)
T=0.26257 (by star on planet)
T=75.519 (or maybe 50.346)
Day length on moon: -1.1667 days
Apparent moon orbital cycle length: 1.1667 days
Axial tilt of Ortingenia: 25 degrees
Can anyone guess where I received the information required to make this information? And which parts due the factions represent?
The next step will be constructing the language that binds the place and naming the astronomical bodies.