Ladhsorian map (ancient)

At long last, a map and proof that I am working on the conworld! This map shows a very small piece of the massive planet. Currently, it is divided for the Ladhsorian culture a short time after dispersion. As you may be able to see, they occupy plenty of territory, but by no means an approximate third of the inhabitable world. This is because it is, as has been mentioned, during the ancient times.

My concept for the Kne-Ladhsor was a medium of sorts for the preservation of the proto-Ladhsorian language. If I recall correctly, it also happens to be the closest tribe to the point of origin, and since it is the northern hemisphere, the closest to the equator.

For the Lidhsil, I imagined a tribe specialized for trade and mobility to some extent. This explains its large coastline and the fact that it wraps around the Tersul in such a way that inter-tribal territory crossing is not required. The plan for future development is migration (conquest?) to the north accompanied by an unusual amount of expansion.

The Tersul, the oddly solid block, was designed with some degree of militarism. The Tersuli territory is fairly flat and ideal for both agriculture and the raising of horses for wars in the early ages. I have doubts about the fact that it is surrounded, but surely a gap of around 100 km will be acceptable in case a migration is ever needed, and there is always the possibilty of acting on the plan of invading the Lidhsil.

Following this, I will be developing the Dlasde and their preliminary territories. Until then, g’night!



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