Update: What is happening?

There was probably a notable lack of updates in the last week-and-a-half. Most of that was due to the final exams and what happened after that.

When I study my schoolwork a lot, I tend to drift away from what was supposed to be studied. Considering the fact that the last final exams to receive a decent amount of attention were Spanish and Physics, my thoughts over the last week naturally drifted toward conworlding and conlangs. As an update to the conlangs, there will be three basic cultures based on the LCK’s grammars. The first one to be developed, the Ladhsor, will be agglutinative and will have an alphabet which will be slowly dominated by an abjad. The next culture, which will mainly be for repairing what could not be repaired for the Ladhsor, will be the Dlasde. They will begin and end with mostly alphabets and their grammar will be inflected. The final cultural seed, the Matha, will have a syllabic writing system with an isolating grammar. In the world map prepared for this, I remain unsure of how to disperse the cultures, so it might end up being similar to Roundworldian dispersion.

For the last few months, I have been intermittently working on the proto-Ladhsorian language, with neglect to the culture and potential histories developed from it. After reviewing my commentarius concepti, I decided that they will have an intellectualizing tendency, and the language will be developed primarily for the sake of ease of translation at the expense of art possibility. I always imagined that the Dlasde, with their inflecting language, would be more suited to the creation of art in general, while the Matha would be more philosophically oriented. One must keep the fact that these are supposed to model the outdated model of the tripartite mind in mind.

So far, I have managed to develop a procedure for modifying the proto-Ladhsorian language and creating daughter alphabets. Currently, I am considering a 5+ roll for converting every generation above the third filial generation from the proto-Ladhsorian language into an abjad. This will reflect the increasing usage, although one designated pattern of lineage will preserve a fair amount of proto-Ladhsorian simply for the reason of maintaining the language developed with my own sweat and blood (pressure).

As for the propensity for war and its place in history, I imagine that the Ladhsorians will have a utilitarian stance on war in that they understand the negative domestic effects and distraction it creates but will engage in warfare if the returns can outweigh the investments. The final algorithm I use will probably encourage the development of many independent states in a relatively cohesive region.

For the Matha, I thought that they would be somewhat patronizing and imperialistic due to being the representation of the super-ego. They will likely average CR 4.5 using the GURPS control ratings system (scale of 1-6, 3 is considered normal) and be focused on philosophy and the belief in Kevinjh the Creator of Ortingenia. I also felt that they would be more defensive than the other cultures and would be stronger against conquests by influence and diplomacy.

Finally, for the Dlasde, which were representations of the id, they will probably be rather wild no matter how civilized they try to be and will probably have a higher chance of revolt and decay by hedonism. However, they will also produce the most art because of this close connection to human pleasure and satisfaction of want.

After reviewing my crude maps of the beginnings of human civilization, it appears that 30°N is a common latitude of origin. Fortunately, the map I generated for Ortingenia has what is probably arable land around that latitude. There is a rash of lakes at around 45°N and plenty of land to the north, west, and east. The land distribution will probably be west, static, and east. Ladhsor will probably migrate west, Matha will remain static, and Dlasde will probably migrate to the east. This is because of the massive continent to the west, which should make the international Ladhsorian conflicts as interesting as they are in real life.

Disclaimer: I am not thinking about real life currently. I am thinking about my mind and how to efficiently model it and still fit it with a variety of linguistic options and variations.



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