Populating the Otherworld

Disclaimer about this being a fictitious work. Anyone who seriously believes that the cosmology can be true should stand on top of the residence of the highest local authority and scream, “CREDVLVS SVM! CREDVLVS SVM! CREDVLVS SVM!”

How much fun is it, really, to imagine an entire system for faster-than-light travel (and time travel as well, in special cases) when there is no one capable of enjoying the complications of the system (read: Socratic method)? Although the planet designed with GURPS will persist, I will be implementing several civilizations for the galaxy. I will also add that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so why should I not flatter the Creator?

This time, I will be focusing on understanding emotion. Plutchik has an interesting model for this purpose. From what I can infer solely through seeing the diagrams, the following are the basic emotions:

Fear, anger, joy, sadness, trust, disgust, anticipation, and surprise.

And the following are the dyads derived in a specific pattern from the above:

Submission, contempt, optimism, disapproval, love, remorse, aggressiveness, awe

The pairs are as follows:

  • Fear-anger
  • Joy-sadness
  • Trust-disgust
  • Anticipation-surprise

I will select one from each pair. After the random number rolls, the results were anger, sadness, trust, and surprise. This will give me enough of a random seed to begin the first race (based on anger).



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