Conworld: Tempace Cosmology

[Before I begin, I would like to tell you that this is a constructed multiverse intended for some form of introspection. It borrows from the real multiverse but introduces several completely absurd concepts, such as the tempace.]

The tempace is a triangular pyramid that expands from an origin, which marks the beginning of this multiverse. Previously, I had imagined it as a perfect, “volume,” of sorts that expanded at a constant rate, but I have a better idea now. One of the axes of the tempace is entropy, and it is the greatest influence over the expansion of the tempace. It is the increase of entropy in the spatial world that pushes this vertex away from the origin. The next axis is a weakness in the, “border,” between the temporal and spatial world and is influenced by gravity, which reduces the speed of the associated vertex. The final axis is one that is also a weakness in the, “border,” and is influenced by speed, not velocity. The greater the speed, the slower the progress along this axis. The hyper-surface produced by these three axes represents, “now,” and is full of pits and bumps due to the various interactions between the progress along the axes. The inside of the tempace is not empty or quiet in that it is filled with the equivalent of matter in the spatial world. Apparent time in the tempace is the effect of the expansion of space just as apparent time in space is the effect of time in the tempace. Time travel is extremely implausible (remember that this is fiction and would be destroyed quickly by a theoretical physicist) but can be done by having a negative speed (Imaginary velocity? Negative mass?), having entropy spontaneously reverse (Hyperobservation?), and something involving gravity (negative gravity=dark energy?).

Space is filled with matter-energy, which comprises everything without volition. Volition is interpreted to be a property impossible to fully understand so that the psychological purpose of creating this world is maintained (that is to say, this world is intended to be a psychological construct, not a model of the real multiverse if there are really many multiverses in the grand universe). In case faith must be brought into consideration, I am the God in this world simply because the planet inhabited by people represents my mind.

The tempace is filled with an exotic ematerial-ectergy that is static in most of the inside of the tempace but fluctuating (somewhat violently) on the hypersurface, which accounts for its appearance. If I decide to make art, it may be seen as filamentous strands against a black background except in the case of directly viewing the hypersurface, in which case it would be seen as a plane filled with many hills and valleys with the strands concentrated on the peaks and troughs.

However, since two dimensions is not enough to represent space, objects experience four at any given time, and the fourth is the vector from the origin to the current location in the tempace and space. Objects can enter the tempace by exchanging axes, so a three-dimensional object can become a one-dimensional object in space and a two-dimensional object in the tempace. I will have to develop this further.



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