Conworld Detour

I am getting VERY impatient about Ortingenia. This is worsened by my desire for practice at conworlding. For now, I will construct Cerebria (also a name in Dog Latin). It will be the model of my mind and how it interacts with other minds. The process will suspend my temporal compulsions and progress according to which property presents itself first.


It will be very indefinite, but it will not be a sphere. It will be more like an area on an infinite plane. I will care less about real astronomy and simply follow the culture. I am attempting to have a neurotypical train of thought.


The thoughts, ideas, and information are the individual citizens and populations. They are constantly moving like ants. The concepts are small guilds, parties, clubs, or otherwise small groups. The beliefs are strong organizations with great power. The Self is the highest level of governance in the nation of the mind and coordinates the actions of the ideas.


My mind is a representative democracy (on paper) but is dominated by the various organizations of belief and science. Much of its (time) budget is spent on research, but the real power is a small but powerful organization representing the (alter) I. The It is represented by the general will of a significant amount of the people and the Super-I is a council of elders with great wisdom and experience. Just to keep things interesting, I will be making parties based on the drives and making graphics of their seats in their representative bodies. Since there are no provinces, I imagine a one-house system will be fine.

Asperger’s Disorder is not insanity. Attempting a project like this is. The next post will answer the questions in the Zaharam-Chapelle-Parumas Ethnographical Questionnaire.



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