Compact Edition/”Millifiche”

The older or wiser among you probably remember the days when microfiche storage was common. I devised something similar, although the credit can hardly be given to me. I named it millifiche mainly because the Wikipedia mentions that the microfiche scale was often around 1:25. Since this is around 1:4, which is close to the square root of 1:25, it shall be known as millifiche because 1 000 is the square root of 1 000 000 (but mainly because I know no common prefixes for numbers between 1 000 and 1 000 000). Generally, the font used will be 8-point, which seems to be very readable even on the 1:1 scale but scales well to 2-point when printed on 1:4 scale. There would probably be problems if I used odd fonts such as 9-point, so that will be averted with 8-point. As a test, I present Nicomachean Ethics derived from the Web Archive version in millifiche formatting guidelines. Do not convert it to DOC format as the DOC format will likely be incapable of handling the special formatting OpenOffice.Org 3 can use. On the subject of the Nicomachean Ethics, I plan on reading this very soon, so keep watching for personal interpretations of it.

Nicomachean Ethics prepared for millifiche printing. This will consume 4 sheets without duplex printing. Note the selection of typeface, unless it is unavailable on your machine.



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