If you managed to reach this blog, then congratulations on your decision to accompany me on this journey called life. Here, the posts will primarily consist of these things:

  • Special Interest: Biochemistry!: a majority of the posts
  • Periodic interest: Knowledge! and other Science!s [sic]: current interests will be posted somewhere
  • Philosophy: likely concerning M. Descartes
  • Music: horrible baby steps in music theory: listen if you want headaches and horrible earworms from failed counterpoint
    • Poetry: unforgettably miserable attempts at incorporating both scansion and excellent rhyme
  • Conlang: more details after studying the psychology of linguistics, likely to suit my unique preferences in a language
  • Asperger’s Syndrome, of course!

These are the results for the current quizzes available everywhere:
You scored 123 aloof, 118 rigid and 96 pragmatic
AQ Test: 40
Brain Type: Extreme Systemizing, EQ5 vs SQ70
Sensitivity Test: 17 (High Sensitivity)
Face reading score: 15 (Trouble knowing expressions)

For the pedants, I concur about the bullet points *inward wink*



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