Conworld: Conlang (Step 2)

With that system practically finished, I am free to begin modeling society. As you may have noticed, the world government is factionalized, with three factions (Guess what they represent!) speaking the same language on a planet larger than the earth [sic]. I know how this immediately destroys suspension of disbelief, but creating a conlang takes a lot of time (If I had suggestions for the next conlang, I would probably implement them). Currently, LaMont’s faction will likely receive the first conlang, which is heavily based on Latin but is ergative-absolutive. Then, simply for the reason of creating a conflict and gaining further experience in creating a language, I will develop Lowell’s nation and language. It will probably be based on a simple natural language, although I do not know what makes a given language simple, although it will likely be agglutinating and utilize the nominative-accusative grammar with plenty of affixes for the lexicon in general. I am considering a script-based orthography as well. As for Cyril’s faction (Representing my favorite component: the super-ego), I am planning on basing it on Koine Greek, as that will be fascinating. Since this is a what-if universe, maybe Cyril’s Greek(-based) faction will overrun LaMont’s Roman(-based) faction. Perhaps, Lowell’s faction grows in power beyond its original intent. Until then, I can only speculate. In addition, I will have to create a personality model for the humanoids accounting for the vastly different cultures. Most likely, I will have finished conceptualizing this following Monday, once Thanksgiving week has begun. Then, I will be able to present the flags of the factions, more realistic economic data, better societal profiles, political models, religious data, technological information, and all that stuff. Perhaps, I will include some extras to make the world friendlier to imagination and hand-wave it as magic. The possibilities are practically endless!

Post Scriptum (to GHS students): STOP BRINGING UP PARADOXES! MY BRAIN LOVES THEM BUT MY MIND HATES PARADOXES FOR THEIR UNUSUALLY HIGH DISTRACTION POTENTIAL! (This applies to topological questions I have not independently solved, time-consuming thought experiments, and inordinately interesting physics problems as well.)

Post Post Scriptum: the Death Star energy question is no longer a mind-locker. It turns out that one would need about an dodecajoule (derived by extrapolating what will come after tetra, penta, hexa, zeptta, yoctta,… Apparently, Asperger’s Disorder comes with plenty of pattern recognition skills.)



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