I know what M. Pascal thinks about sonnets, but it was a stressful day and I had to find an outlet. The scansion is awful (I recall at least three lines that would be much better as trochaic pentameter than iambic pentameter) but the rhyme scheme is not too stretched and the syllable count is perfect if your pronunciation is similar enough to mine. However, the main reason for why it is a pseudo-sonnet is that it has no structure.

01 Oh what a heavy burden knowledge is,
To toil while knowing the details of all,
And know that knowledge known is but abyss
To all things to realize that Man is small.
05 E’en the common house would dwarf near all men,
And of the base, humble, animalcule,
All the functions could not be put in pen.
Only partly know we of molecule,
Emptiness itself presents a myst’ry.
10 Of our tiny rock we know so little,
As well, the orb in the sky fiery,
Indescribable to us yet little.
Oh what a heavy burden knowledge is,
14 Ephemeral are we, the best to miss.



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